February 5, 2014

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4th July Australian Ballooning Anniversary

The 4th of July 2014 will be a significant day for Australian ballooning. It will be the fiftieth anniversary of the first manned flight of a modern hot air balloon at Parkes NSW by Terry McCormack and the members of the Aerostat Society.

Terry’s son James has published an article in the Jan-Feb 2014 issue of Australian Geographic magazine about those early days, his feelings for his father and his recent flight in Canowindra with Phil Kavanagh.

December 1, 2013

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Angus Peart

Canowindra Challenge wins Silver Tourism Award

Congratulations to Canowindra Challenge Inc on successfully securing 15 Australian Entries in the 19th ANHBC by 30th November and 11 International entries - with Brazil, Japan, UK and the USA being represented in the Canowindra International Balloon Challenge. Australian Nationals pilots are automatically entered in the International Challenge event. The Fiesta has also received a number of entries. Final cut-off date for Australian entries is 10th March, 2013. Early entries are appreciated as this assists with planning.

It’s been a huge week of Canowindra Challenge Inc.! At Thursday’s NSW State Tourism Awards, the Canowindra Balloon Challenge 18th. Australian National Balloon Championship was awarded SILVER in the Festivals and Events Category. Congratulations to all involved in organizing this major ballooning and community event – a significant achievement which augurs well not only for Australian ballooning, but also for sponsors. With the international entries for 2014 and FAI Category 2 accreditation being applied for, Canowindra ballooning is now entering the world stage and will continue to fly high.

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