August 25, 2016

written by
Grant McHerron

US FAA Creates AD for Kubicek burners with "EGEFLEX" fuel hoses

The USA's FAA has released an Airworthiness Directive related to the recently announced issue for Kubicek burners equiped with "EGEFLEX" fuel hoses. This AD is the same as the previously mentioned EASA AD for Kubicek burners and ensures that any US type certificated balloons will comply with the required checks and corrective actions.

CASA are listing both EASA and FAA ADs on their Hot Air Balloon AD page to ensure that any European or US type certificated hot air balloons operating in Australia will comply with the required checks and corrective actions.

NOTE: Updated to reflect R1 of the AD that was modified by the FAA to remove some unnecessary documentation references.

August 21, 2016

written by
Grant McHerron

ABF AGM location & schedule

The ABF AGM will be held on Saturday the 27th of August at:

Mr Falcon’s
92 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037

CASA Standards will also be making a presentation to address the concerns about Part 131 & Part 149.

Timings for the day are:
11:00am - "CASR Part 131 and the ABF" Presentation by CASA Standards. Expected attendees from CASA; Alan Shore, Standards Officer Balloons, Chris Monahan, Operations Standards Section Manager and Ian Hogben, Flying Operations Inspector Balloons.
12:00pm - On-premise lunch break
1:00pm - ABF Annual General Meeting
2:00pm - ABF General Meeting
3:00pm - Close

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