December 26, 2016

written by
Grant McHerron

Great Australian Long Jump 2017

From Les Springett:

The Great Australian Long Jump is on again this year.

The Competition will run from 1st June to 6pm on 30th September. Any pilot anywhere in Australia can participate by flying from their own preferred launch field at the time of their choice during the competition period - and flying as far as they can on up to 150 litres of fuel or 5 hours, whichever is the lesser. Multiple attempts on a single entry fee are not only possible, but encouraged.

To allow for an adequate safety margin for reserve fuel, the Rules are the same as last year. Any fuel used in excess of 150 litres is penalised, but does not disqualify the attempt. This is explained in the Rules on the Long Jump Competition page (in the Members Only section).

In addition for the first time this year to allow all balloons no matter the size to compete on an equal footing we are introducing both an absolute time limit of 5 hours, to handicap large balloons, which when lightly loaded will fly far longer that a small balloon on 150 litres, and a distance bonus for smaller balloons which will either not fly as long on 150 litres, or simply cannot carry that payload at all.

As the 2011 winner I have claimed $250, which I then donated to the Balloon Association of Victoria (BAV) towards equipment for VH-IFV “Vicky”. This leaves $150 towards a perpetual trophy for 2017. The Entry fee, is $50 as previously and BAV is the stakeholder.

If you have never competed in the Long Jump now is your opportunity to join the current entrants and test your skills on a long distance flight! With 150 litres of fuel, flying solo in a balloon in good condition, you should be able remain airborne 4-5 hours and fly between 100 and 200km - that’s my aim! The other competitor’s and I (Les Springett) would enjoy your ‘company’ albeit by phone or email and reading the reports of your flight/s.

Broaden your horizons -- join the balloon competition that starts in your ‘back yard’, goes nation-wide, ‘tours the country’ and has the easiest entry conditions -- fly now, pay up by 1st July, and you’re an entrant! Don’t forget to send in your Record of Flight Form/s before 15th October, 2017.

Buoyant regards

Les Springett – Co-ordinator 2017 Great Australian Long Jump


Click here for more details and access to the rules & flight record form.

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