June 12, 2016

written by
Grant McHerron

CASA's AC-131 and proposed CTAF changes at Narromine/Dubbo & Benalla/Wangaratta

Please be aware that CASA have released updated & new information of interest to balloonists in two recent publications.

Update to Advisory Circular 131-01:

Advisory Circular 131-01 replaced CAAP 41-1(1) back in April 2016 and was updated in June 2016. AC 131-01 contains an overview of the rules & regulations covering balloon airworthiness, maintenance, logbooks and fan operations. All balloon owners, operators, pilots & crew should read this AC, especially the final section on fan operations.

You can find AC 131-01 on the CASA website at:

Proposed CTAF Changes at Narromine/Dubbo and Benalla/Wangaratta:

CASA is proposing to change the CTAF frequencies at Narromine & Dubbo and at Benalla & Wangaratta. In order to improve safety in relation to instrument approach procedure changes the airport pairs are to have the same CTAF frequency.

It is important for balloonists that operate at or near either of these airport pairs to be aware of the proposed change. You should read the overview provided by CASA and contact them if you have any comment on the matter

You can access information about the proposed change on CASA's website at:

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